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Gps Tracker Vehicle, Led Vehicle Light Pcb Manufacturer In China

Gps Tracker Vehicle, Led Vehicle Light Pcb Manufacturer In China

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Gps Tracker Vehicle, Led Vehicle Light Pcb Manufacturer In China

Gps Tracker Vehicle, Led Vehicle Light Pcb Manufacturer In China


FastPCBA has 10-year experience in fabricating single-sided & double sided PCB, multilayer PCB and 

PCB assembly. With our advanced engineering & production team and high-end manufacturing

equipment, Fastpcba ensures perfect insulation between each layer and good performance of

every conductor in multilayer PCBs.

Fastpcba&R&D team always goes for excellence and it is our honer to provided pcb, pcba, rigid pcb,

flexible pcb (fpc), rigid-flex pcb, components smt, aluminum pcb service to our customers

according to the schematic design.

All of our PCBsare SGS, TS, RoHS and UL approved.


PCB Capability

FASTPCBA is providing high quality bare PCB and PCB assembly service
2Base MaterialFR-4, High TG FR-4 , Halogen Free material ,CEM-3,CEM-1,PTFE,Rogers ,Arlon ,Taconic,Aluminum base,Teflon,PI ,etc
3Finished inner/outer copper thickness0.5-6OZ
4Finished board thickness0.2-7.0mm(≤0.2mm needs review),≤0.4mm for HASL
Board thickness≤1.0mm: +/-0.1mm
1<Board thickness&le;2.0mm: +/-10%
Board thickness>2.0mm: +/-8%
5Max panel size&le;2sidesPCB: 600*1500mm
Multilayer PCB: 500*1200mm
6Min conductor line width/spacingInner layers: &ge;3/3mil
Outer layers: &ge;3.5/3.5mil
7Min hole sizeMechanical hole: 0.15mm
Laser hole: 0.1mm
Drilling precision: first drilling       First drilling: 1mil
                                                     Second drilling: 4mil
8WarpageBoard thickness&le;0.79mm: &beta;&le;1.0%
0.80&le;Board thickness&le;2.4mm: &beta;&le;0.7%
Board thickness&ge;2.5mm: &beta;&le;0.5%
9Controlled Impedance+/- 5 % &Omega;(<50&Omega;),+/-10%(&ge;50&Omega;),&ge;50&Omega;+/-5% (needs review)
10Aspect Ratio15:01
11Min welding ring4mil
12Min solder mask bridge&ge;0.08mm
13Plugging vias capability0.2-0.8mm
14Hole tolerancePTH: +/-3mil
NPTH: +/-2mil
15Outline profileRout/ V-cut/ Bridge/ Stamp hole
16Solder mask colorGreen,yellow,black,blue,red,white,matte green
17Component mark colorwhite,yellow,black
18Surface treatmentOSP: 0.2-0.5um
HASL: 2-40um
Lead free HASL: 2-40um
ENIG: Au 1-10U&rsquo;&rsquo;
ENEPIG: PB 2-5U&rsquo;&rsquo;/ Au 1-8U&rsquo;&rsquo;
Immersion Tin:0.8-1.5um
Immersion silver: 0.1-1.2um
Peelable blue mask
Carbon ink
Gold plating: Au 1-150U&rsquo;&rsquo;
19E-TestFlying probe tester : 0.4-6.0mm,max 19.6*23.5inch
Min spacing from test pad to board edge : 0.5 mm
Min conductive resistance :   5 &Omega;
Max insulation resistance : 250   M&Omega;
Max test voltage : 500 V
Min test pad diameter : 6 mil
Min test pad to pad spacing : 10 mil
Max test current   :   200 MA
20AOIOrbotech SK-75 AOI : 0.05-6.0mm,max 23.5*23.5inch
Orbotech Ves machine :   0.05-6.0mm,max 23.5*23.5inch

Packaging and Shipping

We can ship your PCB and PCBA goods with different ways without any damage,We have special made box with professional package, so we can protect your goods.

pcb and pcb assembly


DHL and FedEx 1-3 days  4-7 days service.

Air transiporment, UPS and TNT 8-14 days.

15-60 days water shipments with very good price.

We are high-class of different express' menbership, so we can serve much beter service.

pcb and pcb assembly



Q: What is the MOQ?

     1 piece.No MOQ


Q: What file is needed for pcb quotation and fabrication?

     - Gerber file of the bare PCB board is needed for pcb making; Bom list is also needed for pcb assembly.

     - Quantity needed.

     - Inspection method for PCB assembly if function test is required.


Q: What is the quotation time of pcb and pcba? 

      - PCB & FPC: within 1 hour
      - PCBA: within 2 days 


Q: Lead time of the precision pcb circuit board? 

    Sample Lead time(days)

 Mass production lead time(days)

Single sided PCB



Double sided PCB



Multilayer PCB



PCB and Assembly




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