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Compliance With Operational Rules In PCBA Processing

Feb 06, 2019

If the PCBA is not standardized, it will cause process defects or component damage, affecting product quality and increasing processing costs. Therefore, in the PCBA chip processing, it is strictly in accordance with the requirements. The following rules need to be adhered to:

1. There should be no food or beverage in the working area of PCBA, no smoking, no debris that is not related to work, and keep the workbench clean and tidy.

2. The surface to be welded in the PCBA patch processing can not be taken by bare hands or fingers, because the grease secreted by the human hand will reduce the solderability and easily lead to soldering defects.

3. Reduce the operating steps of PCBA and components to a minimum to prevent danger. In areas where the gloves must be used, soiled gloves can cause contamination, so gloves should be replaced frequently if necessary.


4, can not use the skin to protect the hands of oil or a variety of silicone-containing detergents, they can cause solderability and conformal coating adhesion problems. A specially formulated detergent for the PCBA soldering surface is available.

5. EOS/ESD sensitive components and PCBA must be marked with the appropriate EOS/ESD mark to avoid confusion with other components. In addition, in order to prevent ESD and EOS from jeopardizing sensitive components, all operations, assembly and testing must be performed on a workbench that can control static electricity.

6. Check the EOS/ESD workbench regularly to make sure they work properly (anti-static). The various hazards of the EOS/ESD components can be caused by incorrect grounding methods or oxides in the ground connection, so the joints on the “third line” ground should be specially protected.

7. It is forbidden to stack the PCBAs, so physical damage will occur. The assembled working faces should be equipped with special types of brackets, which are placed according to the type.

Finally, FASTPCBA Co., Ltd. reminds everyone that in PCBA chip processing, these operating rules should be strictly observed and properly operated to ensure the final use quality of the products, reduce component damage and reduce costs.