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What Are Factors Influencing The PCB Price ?

Jan 04, 2017

Circuit board PCB processing belongs to OEM customers OEM products, different customers customized 

products are not the same, there are few domestic products, on the other hand, out of respect for the 

quality, part of the customers may also be specified using the base board of a manufacturer, or printing 

ink, etc., in order to achieve the requirements of the quality and cost control, so there is a volatile 

prices PCB processing.

PCB price variety of factors:

The diversity of PCB in different materials prices

The PCB production process used by the diversity of the difference of the price

PCB design difficulty caused by the different price diversity in itself

Different can also cause the price of different customer requirements

Price diversity in different PCB manufacturer

The price difference in different payment

The diversity of regional difference price

Of course, the environment of the most primitive materials, such as copper and other materials, the 

price changes will also lead to changes in PCB prices, the current industry, the price of PCB plate in 

the rise in copper prices rise. But the plate itself: the impact of prices mainly in the following 


Plate material

Thickness of sheet

Copper Platinum Thickness

Raw material suppliers

Process cost

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