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Customsized Metal Detector Pcb Assembly

FASTPCBA Technology Co., Ltd is a professional PCB manufacturer in China, Shenzhen. With 14 years of development,

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Customsized Metal Detector Pcb Assembly

Customsized Metal Detector Pcb Assembly



We are an OEM PCB and PCBA manufacturer, working on bare pcb, components and assembly in a one-stop service.

We mainly do OEM products according to our clients profile.


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  • Automated and manual fine pitch SMT.

  • Multi-layer printed circuit boards, flex boards

  • BGA with x-ray and rework capability.

  • Lead-free Assembly

  • Wave soldering.

  •  Functional testing.

  • Conformal coating.

  • In-line AOI inspection system

  • XRAY Inspection AOI Test


Precautions for use of tin absorber.

The absorber is a tool for repairing electrical appliances, which is used to collect soldering tin when disassembling the electronic components of the welding disc.There are manual and electric.It is more difficult to dismantle and dismantle the parts, especially the large scale integrated circuits. It is easy to destroy the printed circuit boards and cause unnecessary losses.The simple sizer is manual, mostly plastic, and its head is often made of high-temperature plastic because it is often exposed to high temperatures.

1, needs to be checked before use suction tin seal are in good condition, check method is to absorb tin rubber handle on the card master piston position, both of the gas in the cavity in the body to pressure, and then use finger belly blocked suction tin suction nozzle holes and convex point button, if the piston is not easy to play in place that the sealing effect is good, and the sealing effect is bad, only good sealing effect of tin when using absorption can effectively remove solder joint and smoothly desoldering.

2. Select the nozzle aperture of different specifications according to the thickness of the components in the circuit board, and the diameter of the standard nozzle diameter is 1mm and the outer diameter is 2.5mm.If the spacing between the components is small, the inner hole diameter is 0.8mm and the outer diameter is 1.8mm.If the welding pan is large and the component lead is thick, the suction nozzle with diameter of 1.5 ~2.0mm can be selected according to the specific situation.

3. After the suction nozzle of the absorber is used for a long time, the effect of tin can be changed, and new suction nozzle needs to be replaced in time.

4. Before welding, it is necessary to dip the absorber into a bit of rosin to improve the fluidity of the solder and enhance the absorption effect before each contact.



All of our PCB and PCBA are ISO, TS, RoHS and UL approved. 

Quality Guarantee is the basis of our clients' trust. 

1.HASL(Hot Air Solder Leveling) Surface Finishing Technology.
2.Single board/2 Layer/Multilayer OEM&ODM Printed Circuit Board.
3. Famous Brand, Quality Guaranteed.
4. 100% Functional Tested.
5. UL,RoHS, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001 Certificated.
6. Short Leadtime and Fast Delivery
7. NDA Signment
8. Any Question will be Replied ASAP(within 24 hours).
Here is the best choice for you, Single board/2 Layer/Multilayer FR-4 Based PCB Board with 1.6mm Board Thickness & HASL surface finishing technology, We also make particular specification PCB/PCBA as you demand.

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