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PCB Assembly Manufacturer pcba

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China one stop ul 94v0 pcb board manufacturer with 1th s bitcoin miner OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn one stop ul 94v0 pcb board manufacturer with 1th s bitcoin miner production prototypes and samples from our factory....

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PCB Assembly Manufacturer pcba

PCB Assembly Manufacturer pcba

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How to Evaluate A PCB and Assembly factory 

Hi everyone, it’s me to come back. Here in today’s article, I am going to talk about the second part of how to evaluate a pcb and assembly factory be a professional one. In the first article, we discussed about Product, now it’s Capability.

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As mentioned above, product quality is the soul for a PCB factory who depends on its capabilities. PCB manufacturing and assembly capabilities can be displayed in the following aspects:




Certificates stand for a factory's genuine manufacturing capabilities. When cooperating with PCB supplier certificated with ISO9001:2008, UL, RoHS, etc. standards, you can rest assured that they will strictly stick to the regulations of those certificates to obtain a high quality in their products. Good news is that our FASTPCBA has certificates of all those standards, ISO9001, TS-16949 and UL,etc which prove enough we are a reliable pcba factory at basis.  




Aspects concerning an investigated PCB and Assembly factory's technology can be concluded as below items:

• Whether technology it applies caters to your requirement and processing capabilities reach your requirement;

• Whether advancing equipment for processing or automation is owned in the factory;

• Processing capability evaluation;

• BGA IC repair capability;

• Soldering capability of 0201 or 01005 and repair capability;

• RoHS implementing capabilities;

• SOP integrity;

• Solder paste temperature returning, sealing off and storage life administration capabilities;

• De-panel processing capabilities.

Above items, some of them have a closely connection with up-to-date equipments we used. In FASTPCBA, we have many leading imported equipments to fully flourish our technologies. Accurate Automatically Solder paste printer, SPI machine to inspect solder paste thickness before Mounting, YAMAHA advanced automatically SMD machines can accurately mount any tiny components (0201,01005, BGA with 0.5mm pitch), X-ray inspctor, on-line AOI and off-line AOI.


Component sourcing

Finally when it comes to the sourcing supplied by pcba factory, component sourcing accounts for a large part and it's crucial to make mote about the suppliers’ sourcing capabilities. In FASTPCBA, we have long-term good relationships with some global leading component distributors, AVNET, ARROW,Future,WPGHoldings,Digikey and Mouser,ect. Also, if you prefer to provide components by yourself, you are welcome to do that. Lastly, for the components we received, we have a huge complete warehouse to stock the surplus components for your future projects.

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