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Pcb Supplier OEM Pcb Assembly

Q: What does FASTPCBA need for a customized PCB order? A: The customers need to provide Gerber or pcb file.If you do not have the file in the correct format, you can send all the details related to the products. Q: What does FASTPCBA need for a customized PCBA order? A: When you place a PCBA order, you need to provide Gerber or pcb file and the BOM list to FASTPCBA. Q: What is your quotation policy? A: For the PCB order in large quantity, FASTPCBA will send you the quotation based on the MOQ of the products concerned, and the price will be reasonable with good quality. Q: What does FASTPCBA need for other services? A: For PCB clone service, the customer needs to send us the printed circuit board concerned,and also the sharp photos of its front side and the back side. Q: How about the service FASTPCBA offered to the customers? A: If you have any questions about our products or company, do not hesitate to send us your inquiry toour customer service representatives, Your satisfaction is our pursuits. ​

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Pcb Supplier OEM Pcb Assembly

 Pcb Supplier OEM Pcb Assembly

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Automotive electronics demand rose significantly, PCB upstream raw material supply by the attention

Due to the rising demand for electric vehicles and automotive electronics, but also to the third quarter of the PCB upstream material supply and demand situation has attracted attention, and even as recently detonated, including Fu Qiao, Jianrong and Dehong shares rose strongly, the industry pointed out that the current G75 Electronics Grade glass fiber yarn and fiberglass cloth supply and demand situation is smooth, mainly the demand for automotive board higher.


PCB upstream raw materials, including fiberglass cloth, copper foil and copper foil substrate, for the current electronic grade glass fiber yarn and fiberglass cloth market conditions, mainly from the mainland production plant shouting up, land factory shouting offer The rate of increase and up to 3 percent, but the industry pointed out that the mainland glass fiber plant offer shouting is one thing, but by the factory supply of B-class glass fiber products is not the real market demand, the impact on the market is not large.


The current market, the hottest glass fiber products is the automotive G75 electronic grade glass fiber yarn and fiberglass cloth, the industry stressed that the main market demand for the season, the current market supply and demand smooth, as to whether the price hike, still must follow the follow-up market Supply and demand decisions.






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