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Reliable Oem Pcb Manufacture

Before pcb assembly board shipping, how to determine whether qualified,is a very important part. So how to test it?Now for your reference,I will analyze from several aspects.

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Reliable Oem Pcb Manufacture

How to check pcb assembly board is qualified?

1, The required inspection files and tools are: bomlist, pick and place files, magnifying glass (electronic or optical), tape measure,test fixture.QA sampling standards: the implementation of GB / T2828.1-2003II level inspection sampling plan.AQL value: CR: 0MAJ: 0.25MIN: 0.65 Requirements for testing environment: Indoor temperature and humidity: Temperature is 25 ± 3 ℃, humidity is 40-70%,this is very important, you can use air conditioners to achieve. The choice of light source,using fluorescent lamp(color rendering index of 80 best) or table lamp.The product to be seized 30-50cm from the inspector for the appearance of judgment.


2,The specific test method is:first of all, we check the appearance of solder point, silk screen, component surface and so on.


3,Place components correct, can not have the wrong parts, one by one corresponding sampling.Check the PCB board, components and PCB board can not appear between the cracks or gaps, crack components, nicks or components of any damage are not allowed.


4,Second, test the basic electrical performance as much as possible, using a test stand to test electrical performance. If it is more expensive PCBA board, but also requires professional engineers and equipment testing, to be foolproof.

What service do you have?

We provide turnkey solution including PCB fabrication, SMT, plastic injection & metal, final assembly,testing and other value-added service.


What files required to get quotation from you?

For circuit board quotation, please provide the Gerber data/files and indication of related technical requirements as well as any special requirement if you have.


For pcb assembly quotation, please provide Gerber files and also BOM, and if you need us to do function test, please also provide the test instruction/procedure.


Do you have any minimum order quantity requirement?

No, we do not have MOQ requirement, we can support your projects starting from prototypes to mass productions

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