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  • FR4 2 Layer PCB For Power Bank

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    FR4 2 Layer PCB For Power Bank

    If you work with FR4 2 Layer PCB For Power Bank often, you are probably familiar with Fr-4 materials. It is a popular PCB base material because it is the main component used to make rigid boards. Read More

  • Led pcb board assembly

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    Led pcb board assembly

    Led pcb board assembly is a metal-based copper clad laminate with good heat dissipation. Generally, a single panel consists of a three-layer structure, which is a circuit layer (copper foil), an insulating layer and a metal base layer. Also used for high-end use is designed as a double panel,... Read More

  • Flexible pcb strip assembly

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    Flexible pcb strip assembly

    A Flexible pcb strip assembly, also known as a "soft board", is a printed circuit made of a flexible insulating substrate. Flexible circuits provide excellent electrical performance to meet the design needs of smaller and higher density installations, as well as reduce assembly processes and... Read More

  • PCB Assembly Suitable For Electronic Products

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    PCB Assembly Suitable For Electronic Products

    Due to the large number of components, the wide variety and the short life cycle of electronic products, the PCB Assembly Suitable For Electronic Products has brought great challenges to production operation scheduling. Multi-variety, small batch and variable batch have become the mainstream... Read More

  • 94vo pcb board assembly

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    94vo pcb board assembly

    94vo pcb board assembly is the basis for wiring and supporting surface mount, socket assemblies in electronic equipment. In circuits that require the finding of conductive traces, such as computer systems, these PCBs are fabricated by photolithography. This is similar to the way a conductive... Read More

  • 94v0 remote control pcb

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    94v0 remote control pcb

    94v0 remote control pcb production capability: minimum line width, line spacing of 0.075mm, minimum aperture of 0.1mm; minimum board thickness of 0.2mm, maximum board thickness of 8.0mm, process up to 38 layers. Read More

  • Hitachi refrigerator pcb

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    Hitachi refrigerator pcb

    The Hitachi refrigerator pcb in a modern refrigerator is responsible for controlling the temperature and defrost cycle of the refrigerator. It is a very important electronic product that keeps the refrigerator running and cools the food at the right temperature. Read More

  • PCB Circuit Assembly for Industrial Control

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    PCB Circuit Assembly for Industrial Control

    For industrial control, special or general-purpose circuit board, the bottom circuit is completed, and IO is reserved. After buying the industrial control circuit board, the input and output ports reserved on the circuit board are connected to the user's own device, such as motor. , solenoid... Read More

  • Automotive SMD Electronics PCB Board

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    Automotive SMD Electronics PCB Board

    Automotive SMD Electronics PCB Board manufacturers need to offer a variety of PCB options. The types of systems and operations that now use printed circuit boards to increase efficiency and safety include rear LED lights and driving lights, gearbox controls and comfort controls. You can also... Read More

  • High Thick Copper PCB Power Board

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    High Thick Copper PCB Power Board

    With the rapid development of the electronic information age, the demand for high-power, high-current server power supply boards and other PCBs is increasing. These power boards require high heat resistance and high heat dissipation characteristics, and are favored as High Thick Copper PCB Power... Read More

  • Round Circuit Board

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    Round Circuit Board

    The wiring density of Round Circuit Board is high, the volume is small, and the weight is light, which is advantageous for miniaturization of electronic equipment. Due to the repeatability and consistency of the graphics, wiring and assembly errors are reduced, saving equipment maintenance,... Read More

  • 16-layer Ceramic PCBs with Back Drilling

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    16-layer Ceramic PCBs with Back Drilling

    A 16-layer Ceramic PCBs with Back Drilling refers to a special process plate in which a copper foil is directly bonded to a surface of an alumina or aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate at a high temperature. Read More